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We are jumping into Spring!

As we jump into Spring we have expanded our roster with David Alex Barton, Richard Bassett, Gabrielle Kennedy,

and Tom Manning. We represent writers in many areas from administration, production, synchronization and song placements. Other writers who are using the services of Shake 'Em Up Music are: Rockie Lynne, David Kent, Heidi Vincent, Bobby Wood, Michelle Hall, Laurence Baer and Pat Lakatta.

A shout out to Discover Sooner; If you are a songwriter and want to connect with publishing companies check in with Discover Sooner. As a member of Discover Sooner there are a lot of possibilities on how to get your music heard.

Thank you all for connecting with Shake 'Em Up Music. We look forward to hearing your music down the road. Don't forget Tin Pan South here in Nashville is just around the corner.

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