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Ok, no Spring straight into Summer. SEU is putting on the heat.

Shake 'Em Up Music continues to explore all possibilities in securing placements. We have been attending and becoming a part of Sync family through License Your Music, All Access Member under the direction of Jody Friedman. I was so grateful to be recognized with the commitment for success in Sync licensing.

Shake 'Em Up Music explores all opportunties; never say No is the motto. Always looking to do the best that we can with our songwriters, artists and administrative clients.

Our clients; Rockie Lynne, Kevin Douglas and Lane Turner secured a cut on a Christian artist through Steeple Country with their song "God Didn't Say A Thing." Looking forward to its release on July 4th. We also secured a placement with Bluegrass Artists "NuBlu" with a songwritten by Rockie Lynne and Dennis Morgan.

Things are moving fast here and if you would like to learn more about Shake 'Em Up Music and Shar'n Clark. Send an email to us through the website. We read everything that comes in. Have a great summer! More to come!!!!

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