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Happy New Year! Any new year resolutions? Dream Big! All things are possible, if you just start!

Welcome 2022! It's the year of great songs, great people connecting and finding that extraordinary talent. Shake 'Em Up Music we are already working with the talents of; Rockie Lynne, David Alex Barton, David Kent, Heather Donavan, Steve McCormick, Heidi Vincent, the writers through Discover Sooner and Songtuner. We have a few more hidden gems that you should hear. We have songs now ranging from the traditional sounds of country, contemporary country, pop, rock, jazz, bluegrass, folk and americana. We have new placements coming down the pike with the legends, up and comers and television bingers. There is new music coming soon from the Band Of Heathens please be on the look out for them. Shake 'Em Up Music has expanded its reach from song placements with artists; in film and television to production assistance to administration and all that entails. We are one-stop for your needs. Just send us a note. We would love to meet you. More coming soon!!

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