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We are a full-service music publishing administration company. Our goal is to assist in protecting your intellectual property. We register your songs with your performing rights organizations in the US and throughout the world.


We also navigate the wonderfully complex (said with the deepest affection) Library of Congress to register copyrights for your songs and sound recordings.

"You create it, we help you protect it."

Licensing In Depth

We secure the proper licenses on your behalf with those who want to record your music for distribution purposes. Before any release of your music, we require prior approval of the copy; the album jacket, advertising copy, etc that the appropriate credits are accurate and listed, the names are in the right order and that any other contract caveats are met. As your administrator, we even search out those not complying with the law and ask them to secure a license for use.

  • Song registration BMI, ASCAP, SESAC

  • Copyright registration Library of Congress 

  • Streaming registration Sound Exchange, Song Trust

  • Mechanical licenses cd, digital, print

  • Master use and sync licenses for TV/Film

  • Royalty tracking and detailed statements

  • Consultation and guidance

Admin Services

Song Registration
Administration Services

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