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My Story

I began my career as an artist signed to a record label and eventually found a place in the music industry as a tour manager doing just about everything! Lighting, publicity, production planning and promoting shows, I even spent time driving bus! Through these experiences, I discovered that I loved working with artists and songwriters.

After graduating from Belmont University, I formed Shake 'Em Up Music publishing in 1999. I do songplugging in various genres and song placements in TV/film. I'm a complete TV junkie and totally enjoy music supervision and the challenge of clearing songs and videos for use. Believe it or not, doing admin for people gives me a real sense of accomplishment.


There probably isn't anything in publishing I don't have experience in. I'd love to put that experience to work for you!

Shar'n Clark

Shar'n Clark

My Mission

"Unlock the creative potential of my clients by putting my business skills and music industry network to work for them."

Tribute To The Troops

Tribute To The Troops

Tribute To The Troops

Any story of my life...

would be incomplete without telling you about Tribute To The Troops, a volunteer organization that raises awareness of the sacrifices made by America's fallen heroes and their families.  


There are no words to say that can tell you how deeply my life has changed since becoming a part of this organization. Imagine the pain of a family whose loved-one was shot and killed by a misguided Iraqi soldier as the service member boarded the plane to come home. They’ll never share another Christmas together. He’ll never see his new baby. It’s the worst way, to meet the nicest people.


To date, Tribute To The Troops has visited the home homes over over 350 Gold Star families and have established 120 - 529 education scholarship funds for the children of our fallen heroes.  Whatever a Gold Star family needs, we try to assist wherever we can. It’s the least we can do for those who have paid the ultimate sacrifice. 


I am proud to serve on the National board of directors of Tribute To The Troops, and as the treasurer on the North Carolina chapter. Thank you to my client Rockie Lynne whose vision brought TTTT into my life and who's song "Home" inspired the creation of the organization.

We cannot all do big things, but we can all do some thing.


Join your local chapter and donate your time, or simply donate money. Tribute To The Troops will forever be grateful and you will be blessed.

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