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Songplugging & TV/Film Placements

You spend your life writing songs. When you need to get them out into the world, I can help.  I have spent years nurturing relations with record label executives, artist managers, producers, artists, film houses, music supervisors, film commissions, video games, advertising agencies, leaving me with many open doors, and I'm always adding more.

"You create it, we get it out there!"


  • 20+ years of music industry experience

  • Market your music across all platforms

  • Genres: Country, Rock, Bluegrass, TV/Film

  • Guidance to make songs more pitchable

  • Monthly pitch reports

Vinyl Record Cover

Artist Portfolio

TV/Film Portfolio

How Can I Help You?

There are so many great songs that need an amazing voice to carry them into the world! If you are looking for songs for your next project, I can help find them. 

It takes a lifetime to develop the relationships necessary to pitch songs to major label artists. I've spent the time and have room for more clients on our roster.

Before you spend your money on a demo, let me take a listen and see if there's something that needs reshaped before pitching to an artist or TV/film. 

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