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Things are shaking at Shake 'Em Up Music.

Well 2020 is coming to an end. It's a strange time in our business. Do you like the whole virtual world? I'm lovin' it, it has allowed us to explore some new opportunities for song placements.

Have you heard about the MLC (Mechanical Licensing Collective)? If you haven't start researching it so that you can make sure that all of your songs are being uploaded to this service which is going help collect on those digital royalties that we may not see for months and sometimes years. In January, I'll be part of a program inconjuntion with Discover Sooner to discuss the MLC and other administrative topics. The event will January 7 @ 5 p.m. If you haven't located Discover Sooner; go to my links page and click on the link it should take you there.

We are getting ready to add new songwriters to our roster after the first of the year so be on the look out for that announcement. Here is a rare opportunity; Shake 'Em Up Music is currently looking for new songwriters to add to their song plugging roster. These opportunities do not happen very often. If you are interested in being serviced by veteran song plugger; sign up through our site. Give us a little information about yourself and what kind of service you are looking for; we are here to help.

Well the holidays are here and its time for friends and family to get together. Be safe and well during this time. Looking forward to 2021 it's going to be a great year. Many things are going to be happening. Stay tuned....Merry Christmas Everyone!

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