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Here comes the Fall Season!

Hi Everyone, There has been a little bit of time since our latest addition of songwriter, Derek Anthony joined our roster. We have been virtually meeting with music supervisors, labels, producers and artists over the last few weeks. It's been a lot of fun. The weather is starting to turn chilly here in Nashville, but the fires are hot. We are finding more and more opportunities to get a wide variety of music heard by the ears of the industry at large. Shake 'Em Up Music is happy to announce that we have a couple of openings for those songwriters that are looking for a song placement coordinator and or administrator for your licensing/royalty needs. Also if you haven't heard of the website please check it out. Let them know that Shake 'Em Up Music sent you. We hope to have a special announcement after the first of the year. Things are shakin' here at Shake 'Em Up. Enjoy the season!

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