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Music Superviser

Clearance Rights

Making your music count!


Congratulations to Big Al Sostrin and Kevin Douglas, writers of "Big Sky" recorded by The Wild Features and recently featured in Amazon's Jack Ryan, Season 2.

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After you write the songs, you need to get them to the people who can help them get out to the world. We have the experience and relationships that can help with that....Read More



We know what it's like registering songs, issuing licenses, and keeping track of royalty payments. Let us help with your administration needs...Read More


Music Supervisor & Music Clearances

If you've ever tried to track down the 

publisher of a song, owner of a Youtube video, or photographer of an image for your project, let's just say it's not a job for sissies!...Read More

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Project Coordination

When you plan your next recording project, you need to focus on your music. Let me help you get all of those amazing musicians to the studio on the right day and time...Read more

Work With Me

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